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The Consorcio del Jamón Serrano Español represents the primary Spanish brands, which are guaranteed with its quality control and its certification of quality and authenticity of each piece.

If you are interested in importing Spanish Serrano ham and/or familiarize yourself with our certification processes, you can contact the Consorcio using our Contact form.

In addition, with the following link you can find the list of our associates with contact information for each of them: CJSE Associates.

About Control and Certification

The Consorcio del Jamón Serrano Español is the only Spanish organization that guarantees a quality product elaborated with controlled quality control standards and with a final piece by piece selection.

All Jamón Consorcio Serrano Spanish hams are identifiable by their Seal of Quality. This seal is the emblem guaranteeing to have been elaborated in line with the association’s demanding quality standards and have passed rigorous quality controls so that they can be exported.

The Consorcio performs annual audits at the production plants of the members of the consortium to monitor and control all aspects of the production process. In addition, it controls for all pieces to complete a mean maturation time of 12 months, have fresh weight losses over 34% after moisture lose during curing and with adequate fat content, essential for guaranteeing Serrano ham organoleptic qualities.

Only a limited amount of Spanish Serrano Hams are worthy of the Consorcio Serrano Quality Seal.

Serrano ham guarantees
Country of Origin Spain
Minimum curing period 12 months (52 weeks)
Private certification Consorcio del Jamón Serrano Español
European certification TSG / Serrano
Weight of piece (bone-in) starting at 6.5 kg
Texture, colour and flavour Firm, red, purple and intense

For wholesalers, retailers, delicatessens, and stores

If you need to contact a wholesaler in your country, the Consorcio can help you to identify any that import Spanish Serrano ham guaranteed with our Seal of Quality. You can contact us with our Contact form.

Technical information for professionals

Spanish Serrano ham is the result of a process that combines a guarantee of select raw material and a long, slow maturation in curing rooms and cellars.

Because it is a special product, there are a series of articles you should become familiar with:

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The Consorcio del Jamón Serrano provides a series of guides and battle cards that you can download in pdf format.

In addition, the Consorcio spreads news, recent developments and courses on Spanish Serrano ham that are of interest for professionals in the sector.

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